Friday, May 20, 2011

Hello :-)

"'re Crazy." "You eat bird food." "Why do you not lift like normal girls?" "...So what do you eat?" The list goes on....

I've heard it all. In the gym. At College. In the cafeteria. In the grocery store. People ask me all the time why I workout and eat healthy. Sure, I could say I'm bored. I could say I need to stay in shape for water polo. And I could say I want to be "healthy."

But the truth is - I exercise and eat right because I love it. I love being active. I love cooking. I love helping people. This blog isn't meant to be like all the others - it's meant to INSPIRE, CHALLENGE, and MOTIVATE. My goal is to show you that being healthy doesn't have to be painful or unpleasant; that healthy food isn't all cardboard.

Fitness doesn't need to be a pain and burden, it can be fun. And it's as easy as ABC - Attitude, Body, and Cuisine.

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