Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Goals

Goals. Secretly everyone has them. Even the most unmotivated people have things they want to do. And usually people have trouble keeping them.


How many times have you seen the gym PACKED with people right after new years or at the beginning of summer trying to work on their "beach bod?"

What happens two weeks later??

They are gone. Goals are forgotten. Hope is lost.

So here's the deal. You gotta be proactive in your goal setting! So start NOW. Not tomorrow. NOW. WRITE DOWN 3 goals for this summer. And make them SMART - Specific. Measureable. Attainable. Realistic. Time bound.

Here are my summer goals -
1. Puke during a workout - not because I ate too close, but because I worked hard enough.
2. Eat Slower - take time to talk between bites. Digest. Don't be the first one done all the time.
3. Stretch more - basically after each workout or at least once a day (I'm terrible at stretching).

Write down your goals. then post them up. look at them often. tell someone and have them keep you accountable. You'll be amazed how well you'll succeed!!

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